Season 1, Episode 95: Maria Merloni – Certified Conscious Living Coach

Today’s guest is Maria Merloni. Some people think Maria is all about sex, and while S.E.X. IS one of her favorite things on the planet, what she’s REALLY all about is helping YOU fall more deeply in love with yourself!

Maria knows what it’s like to be frustrated that on the one hand you KNOW you are amazing, sexy, and completely capable of having the CONFIDENCE, self-love, amazing partnership, and sex life you really want….

Yet on the other hand there’s that little voice in your head telling you you’re not enough; it holds you back, always keeping what you want just out of reach.

As a Sex & Relationship Coach and Therapist, Maria excels at SEX Ed, and I’m talking S.E.X. as in Synergistic Energy Exchange.  Maria finds her work as a Certified Conscious Living Coach fulfilling.

You can find out more about Maria and S.E.X. at

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