Season 1, Episode 98: Michael Modzelewski – Television and Radio Correspondent/Host & Naturalist

Today’s guest is Michael Modzelewski. Michael is a Correspondent/Co-Host for EarthWise — the anchor TV show on the Outdoor Life channel, featuring all the powers and nuances of the Natural World. He is a roving Correspondent for the national radio show The Good Life, reporting from the field on his adventures all over the world.

But before all this, Michael grew up in Cleveland, Ohio where his father played professional football with the Browns. He graduated from Indiana University with a B.A. in Journalism, and for the past 12 years has traveled to 40 countries around the world on assignment for national publications.

He’s the author of several books, including Angeles Crest: A Memoir; Inside Passage: Living with Killer Whales, Bald Eagles, and Kwakiutl Indians; and North Through Paradise. His speech: “Triumph of The Spirit” is an inspiring, motivational account of what it takes to survive; then thrive in the wilderness — or any challenging situation.

After living “date-less” on the wild island, upon returning to civilization, Michael was startled to find he was chosen Cosmopolitan Magazine’s “Bachelor-of-The-Month” and Alaska Men Magazine’s centerfold story (keeping his pants & parka on, but getting a staple through his navel). After receiving 5,000 letters from women around the world, he married one of the correspondents. Michael’s latest book, WILD LIFE: THE MISS–ADVENTURES OF A COSMO BACHELOR is attracting rave reviews from everyone except his mother.

Once referred to as the John Muir of our times, I’m excited to bring him to you today on Consciously Speaking.

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