Season 1, Episode 97: Ryan Hawk – Leadership Coach, Former Professional Quarterback & Podcaster

Today’s guest is Ryan Hawk. Ryan is a learner, a leader, a husband to a great wife and the father of five beautiful daughters. He has worked as a sales leader and is currently filling a corporate leadership role while taking on the daunting task of becoming a podcast host, at the Learning Leader Show.

Ryan is excited that he is getting to make something that he really believes in – something that feels true to who he is and what he’s all about.

Although he’s in the business world today, he started his leadership journey when he played quarterback on his 2nd-grade football team. That led to serving as captain of his high school and college football teams, and eventually culminated in his stint as a professional quarterback in the Arena Football League.

While quarterbacking was certainly hard work, his role in leadership was equally demanding. As an introvert by nature, Ryan had to learn a lot in order become an effective teammate and captain.

And now he finds himself leading in a different context, learning different skills and acquiring new traits. He’s relishing the process and is excited to learn along with you.  Ryan shares the lessons he has learned in his role as a Leadership Coach.

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