Season 1, Episode 58: No Thanks for the Memories (The Art of Forgetting)

In today’s episode, I answer the question of “What is The Art of Forgetting all about”. I’ll explore, from the beginning, where we got our gift for developing memories and where we crossed our wires along the way.

In addition to giving you a feel for what my upcoming book is about, I’ll provide you with some exercises you can put to use right away to start to unravel the automatic way in which we go about our lives.

As you work with this episode, think about the things you hold to be true about your friends and loved ones, your co-workers and associates, anyone in your sphere of life. Then think about what you know that people believe to be true about you. And finally, examine the things you hold to be true about yourself.

Please let me know your thoughts about this work and the basic exercises outlined. Post your comments and feedback and join in the conversation.

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