Season 1, Episode 87: Relationship Dynamics

Finding Your Authentic "NO" and Letting Withholds Go

In today’s topical content episode, I have the pleasure of sharing the microphone with Julie Migneault. You may remember Julie from Season 1, Episode 55. She is best known for catalyzing leaders into their next level of growth, personal fulfillment and contribution, and she can be found at

While today’s general topic is Relationship Dynamics, we delve deepest into the following areas:

  • How your healthy “No” can lead you to a better relationship
  • How to stop demanding to get what you actually need (distinguishing a “need” from a “want”)
  • How an inner inquiry can help you find your authentic “no”… or “yes”
  • How to trust your intuition
  • What is a withhold and when is it important to let it out

Do you have an incident when you overrode your “no” and suffered some consequences? Are you harboring a withhold that is keeping you from a deeper connection in relationship? I hope that you’ll share with us your thoughts about today’s episode by posting comments in the section below or start a conversation on our Facebook page. We’d love to hear from you.

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