Season 1, Episode 55: Julie Migneault – Growth Catalyst, Energy Healer & Intuitive Coach

Today’s guest is Julie Migneault. Julie is best known for catalyzing leaders into their next level of growth, personal fulfillment and contribution.  With a real devotion to live from inner truth, Julie supports her clients to explore their inner world so they can lead their lives with greater clarity, confidence and inner peace while making a meaningful impact through their work.

After landing her dream job leading global social responsibility programs at a Fortune 500 Company by the age of 26, Julie found herself feeling surprisingly “off path”, like something fundamental was missing in her life.  She followed the voice of her heart and left the success and security of her career and began a deep and personal journey of growth, healing, and transformation.

With extensive training and some serious love and devotion, she refined her gifts as a very clear intuitive and energy healer. Combining these gifts with her extensive business acumen and strategic thinking, Julie now works with an international community of powerful leaders to guide them to a place of connection with what’s real and meaningful in their own lives and the lives of those they serve.

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