Season 1, Episode 17: Money – Abundance & Desire

In today’s episode, I am joined by Chris Tomasso, co-producer of Consciously Speaking, and author of the book, Law of Attraction Instruction Manual, as we talk about the world of “money”.

Whether you have plenty of it, or not enough, we’ve all got stories around money. Some we inherited from our parents and society, and others we developed through our own life experiences.

Chris and I will cover several topics, including:

  • Financial abundance and what keeps you from having it
  • Your desire for more and where that comes from
  • Money as it pertains to happiness
  • … and more

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3 thoughts on “Season 1, Episode 17: Money – Abundance & Desire

    • Thanks, Bill!

      This is such a rich topic (pun intended) and I think we’ll have to visit it many times to dig even more deeply into our money myths. One, of course, that I’d love to disspell is the saying that “Money doesn’t grow on trees”.

      Not only does it grow on them (think of how much money is generated in fruit and nut sales each year alone), it’s MADE from them, and the trees themselves are as good as cash.

      I hope you’ll stay tuned and join in on the conversation as we continue this adventure.