Season 1, Episode 18: Nancy Thiel Voogd – Triple Spiral Labyrinth Coach

Today’s guest is Nancy Thiel Voogd, a Triple Spiral Labyrinth expert, an author, and a dear friend. Nancy’s ability to deeply listen, hold stillness, and speak for the labyrinth creates a powerful experience for all those who walk it or commission one on their land. She delights in sharing the triple spiral and is continually amazed as the labyrinth awakens people to what they most want to know and experience.

Nancy is also one of the featured authors in the newly released, Unwavering Strength: Volume 2, Stories to Warm Your Heart and Soul (get it on on February 24, 2015). Her talent doesn’t stop there, though, as she has also recently created and released her new Self-Discovery Deck, which is available at

You can usually find Nancy in her home in the Santa Cruz mountains with a bright yellow door welcoming visitors, a magical pond her husband built out front, the labyrinth beckoning from behind, and the smells of fresh food and live music wafting from the rafters.

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