Season 1, Episode 143: What Is Consciousness?

Where does it exist and where does it go when we die?

For this topical content episode, I am joined by Robert Kopecky (Season 1, Episode 123). Robert and I delve into the mystery of consciousness: What is it? Does it live on without our body? Are we all connected through it?

We’ll cover topics ranging from out-of-body experiences (including Robert’s three NDEs) to meditation that brings forth your witness. Please join in on the conversation by posting your comments below and letting us know your thoughts and experiences.

Robert is an author as well as an award-winning illustrator, art director, and animation designer. His book, How to Survive Life and Death: A Guide for Happiness in this World and Beyond, is available on and bookstores everywhere, and you can find out more about him at or check out his Facebook page at

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