Season 1, Episode 142: Guided Meditation #20 with Michael Neeley

An awareness/consciousness meditation for connecting to reality

Welcome to Consciously Speaking’s guided meditation series. Today, Michael Neeley, will be guiding you through an awareness meditation. Some would even call this a consciousness meditation, as it is intended to bring you into a deeper state of connection with reality. Not a perceived reality, but the reality of nature. In the simplest of terms – what IS.

Our existence is like music when we allow it to be such. We are all notes that comprise part of a magnificent symphony. Struggle and anxiety occur for us when we try to separate ourselves from the music; yet when we recognize that we are a part of the song of life, easefulness arrives.

A drop of water does not think of itself as separate from the stream.

We are all part of the stream of a greater consciousness. And while we often look at ourselves as the drop, doing our own thing, feeling our own feelings, and living our own way, we can easily tap back into our grander nature and once again feel our connection to the stream.

Anytime you feel the desire to do so, simply focus your awareness on what IS in the moment. Focus it so intently that there is nothing else but the moment and what it holds in all its richness.

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