Season 1, Episode 184: Guided Meditation #26 with Grace Clayton

In Consciously Speaking’s Guided Meditation Series we’ve covered all sorts of meditations with guest guides from around the globe. Today, we’re going to mix it up even further. If you are part of a mindful tribe, this may seem natural for you; and if you’re not, it may seem implausible, if not altogether impossible. However, I hope you will trust that it is something that anyone can create with simple effort.

It is a social meditation. That is, sitting down with your friends and family at a gathering, perhaps a holiday event of some sort, and taking a few moments to become centered and quiet. Meditating together, generating a group presence.

Today’s guided meditation will be led by Grace Clayton (Season 1, Episode 125). Grace is a leader, teacher, mentor and facilitator at OneShift, an organization devoted to empowering and igniting conscious leaders.

This group meditation was recorded on the veranda of her home at an Independence Day celebratory gathering. As this meditation takes place outdoors, you may notice some extraneous noises. Let them enter your meditation with ease.

Perhaps you can try this sit with your own family and friends.


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