Season 1, Episode 120: James Westly – Author, Therapist and Spiritual Teacher

Today’s guest is James Westly. James is a licensed psychotherapist and the author of My Journey to Now Plus Tools for the Seeker: A Spiritual Memoir, the remarkable story of his pursuit for higher consciousness by separating thought from self.

James completely withdrew from society at the age of 35 to study higher consciousness at the Gurdjieff Ouspensky Center in Northern California. Years later he would mainstream his spiritual practice, earning a master’s degree in counseling from the University of Phoenix. He has been practicing psychotherapy since 1986.

As a therapist, James specializes in the practice and dissemination of techniques to awaken and develop the Human Spirit. He teaches his clients how to stop thought and focus their mind fully into the present moment through a very powerful concentration meditation that demonstrates that your mind is not who you are.

According to James, our lives are governed by fear. We are the product of fear, and everywhere we go we are faced with fear.

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