Season 1, Episode 119: Meg Dennison – Women’s Leadership & Empowerment Coach

Today’s guest is Meg Dennison. Meg is a certified Conscious Living and Loving Coach and a master of reinvention. She’s reinvented herself many times, in small and big ways.

She is your guide to your best self and the gifts you don’t even know you have. Discover those gifts and turn them in to the promotion you want, the career you’ve been waiting for, accomplishing more in your workday or recapturing the lost passion of your relationship.

It’s OK to get messy with Meg.  She’s been there.  She’ll guide you through the mess and give you workable strategies to get the results you want. She walks her talk and knows what works.

In her world, a superhero is anyone who is willing to champion his or her own happiness and make the world a better place along the way.

You can find out more about Meg at

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