Season 1, Episode 129: Completions

How bringing things to completion can free up massive space and energy

For this topical content episode, I am joined again by my pal, Audrey Hazekamp (Season 1, Episode 3Episode 38, and Episode 108). Audrey is the founder of Tall Poppy, Inc. and is a game-changing integrative coach and a facilitator for evolutionary fitness and integrity.

Today, we take you on an exploration of completions. Getting complete can range from things as small as finishing the dishes to as big as getting a divorce. We cover a great deal of territory, covering aspects of:

  • Cleaning out your closet or garage
  • Completing communications with loved ones (as opposed to leaving things unsaid)
  • Completing a relationship
  • Closing out (and saying goodbye to) phases of our lives
  • … and more

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