Season 1, Episode 109: Starr Fuentes – Spiritual Teacher & Master Healer

Today’s guest is Starr Fuentes. Starr is a Spiritual Teacher and Master Healer that has devoted the majority of her life to the alleviation of much suffering of all kinds. After years of study with healers, masters, curanderos, and shamans, she has dedicated her life to helping others with the full unfolding of their purpose, path, and destiny.

Starr has been leading seminars for several decades now, and is known throughout the world as a fountain of knowledge, compassion, and honesty. She has 52 certifications and can teach over 400 subjects. She combines the use of modern psychological tools with ancient healing and shamanistic traditions. Her years of travel and study have given her a unique perspective on teaching the fundamental issues of humanity. She understands the process of the unfolding of the self as it learns through teaching.

When Starr’s not traveling the world, she resides at the Divine Intervention Dome in Hot Springs, Arkansas where she conducts church services, ongoing seminars, and numerous private healing sessions in person and by telephone. Her book Healing with Energy: the Definitive Guide to Hands On Techniques from a Master is available on her website or on She has other books currently in process.

You can find out more about Starr at

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